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Minneapolis, MN
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In business since: 1999

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Free Installation for New Customers

All Vivint system installations are performed by certified and experienced technicians.

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Vivint is dedicated to enhancing security, convenience and energy efficiency. We do this through a combination of award-winning customer service and smart technology. The Vivint Go!Control panel creates a streamlined network that connects all of your home’s smart systems: secur... More »


In 1999, Todd Pedersen saw an opportunity in the security solutions market to sell a high-quality product using a personal approach and founded APX Alarm.

In late Fall 2010, the company launched a company-wide rebranding effort to better represent the potential and future dir... More »


New System Pricing
Installation/activation/equipment cost

The initial, one-time cost of setting up a new security system. It includes activation, equipment, installation and any other standard up front costs. Prices for optional features are listed separately.


Monitoring cost

Ongoing cost of monitoring the security system

$34.99-$68.99/ month

Total 3-year cost

Includes the total monitoring cost over 36 months plus the one-time costs including: installation, equipment, and other costs. Because many home security companies require contracts of up to 3 years, this figure can be used to compare combined monthly and one-time prices across companies.


Minimum contract required

This is the minimum contract required by the system provider.


System Basics
System hardware

Indicates the manufacturer of the home security monitoring equipment.


Wired vs. wireless sensors

Home alarm systems sensors can be either hard wired into a house or wireless. Newer houses may be wired for home security prior to construction being completed. If your home has not been wired for a home security system, a wireless system may be more cost effective. It will not require that holes be drilled through walls and wiring run under carpet and throughout you home. However, wireless systems require periodic battery changes for each contact.


Landline required

Indicates whether the system requires a operations home telephone line for operation. If no landline is required, the alarm system offers the option to be monitored via a wireless network, similar to a wireless phone. Extra charges for cellular backup may apply. See the cellular backup section.

No landline required

Insurance deductible coverage

Some home alarm monitoring companies offer to cover the deductible for your homeowners insurance policy in the event of an intrusion that results in your opening a claim against your policy. The value here reflects the maximum deductible coverage, if any, offered by the company.

System Components
Door/window sensors included

Sensors, also referred to as 'contacts,' are magnetic device that detects possible intrusions by monitoring the opening and closure of doors and windows. One sensor is recommended for each doors and window at ground level, each window near trees and shrubs, and doors and windows that are dark or hidden from view.


Cost of each extra contact $60.00

Interior siren(s) included

The siren sounds a piercing alarm that lets intruders and your family know that the security system has been triggered.


Keypad(s) included

Security keypads and allow you to activate and deactivate the alarm system with the push of a few buttons. They are typically installed on the wall inside the primary entrance of your home.


Cost of each extra keypad $60.00

Control panel(s) included

The control panel powers the entire alarm system is usually installed in an out-of-the way location your home to make it difficult for intruders to find and disable. The control panel for a hard wired system is wired to all the components of the systems and, typically, to your home phone line.


Battery backup(s) incuded

A battery backup ensures that your home security system is functional even when the power is temporarily off.


Motion detector(s) included

These devices detect changes in heat levels when an intruder is present, even if no break-in is detected.


Keychain remote(s) included 1

Cost of each extra remote $60.00

Monitoring Details
24/7 professional monitoring

Ensures that security personnel are always ready to contact the necessary emergency agencies and have them on the way to your home

24/7 customer support

Technical and Customer support provides you with assistance with any questions you may have about your security system.

Monitoring station UL approved

Underwriter's Laboratories is an independent 3rd party that inspects and certifies home security monitoring stations

Optional Features Offered
Live two-way voice

Allows you to talk directly to the central monitoring station personnel through the keypad rather than the phone. This enables the keypad to act as an intercom system, so the monitoring service can verify a person's identity if they accidentally trip the alarm.

Cellular backup

The cellular backup keeps your home security system connected to the central monitoring station whenever traditional land-line phone service is not available.

Smoke/fire safety monitoring

Most home security systems allow you to add smoke detectors to your system. When the system detects smoke in your home, your control panel automatically contacts the central monitoring station to contact your local fire department, even if you are not at home.

Temperature monitoring

Carbon monoxide monitoring

Detects dangerous levels of carbon monoxide, sounds an alarm to warn your family of a possible fire.

Flood monitoring

Notifies you of water leaks and flooding in areas like your basement.

System Service
Home security system warranty

Indicates whether the home security systems is covered by a warranty. Without warranty coverage, you may be liable for the cost of having a technician service your equipment if any issues arise.


Warranty coverage Parts & labor

Min cost of technician visit

This is the cost of having a technician come to your home and service your system if you do not purchase a system warranty.

Always free

Existing System Monitoring
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