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Huntington, WV » Termite Control » Small Home: Bait


Find and compare termite control companies serving the Huntington, WV metro area. Termite control prices are usually based the number of linear feet around your home's perimeter. To ensure an apples-to-apples comparison, are based on an example small home with 150 linear feet to treat.

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  Name Rating Treatment product Warranty deductible

This is the amount of the termite damage for which you are personally liable before the termite warranty coverage begins. For instance, if $10,000 of termite damage occurs and your deductible is $500, you will owe $500 and the termite control company will cover the remaining $9,500.


The annual cost to renew the termite warranty/bond after the first year. With liquid treatments, the house is not re-treated unless a termite problem arises.

Initial treatment + year 1 warranty

This price covers all year 1 cost and includes the first year of the termite warranty as well as the installation of the baiting system. Thease are prices for small home with a 150 linear foot perimeter treated with a bait termite control system. The larger the perimeter of your house, the more treatment is required and the more you will pay for the initial treatment.

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